Thursday, July 07, 2011

The Rapture of the Lego Men

I wrote this today...kind of formulated it in my mind as I vacuumed and actually had a moment to write it all down! (not easy with a six year old home for the summer!) keep in mind, I never profess to be a real poet...I just put thoughts down and make it look like I might know what I'm doing...

  The Rapture of the Lego Men
As I vacuumed today, I thought of it.
How many times it has been done.
Three boys and 25 years now,
off and on again,
I've come for them,
I, a gentle beast
with a sucking machine.
I don't really mean to be.
But once again I become in charge
of the rapture of the Lego Men.

They wait for me with some uncertainty
in crevices behind suitcases and trunks,
under couches and behind curtains, they wait
to be raptured up into the dusty air
with ardent faith in where they are going.
There are others there,
they tell me.
There are others.
I tell them I know.

They look up to the heavens
with eyes transfixed,
sometimes half-smiling and
missing their hat or their arm or their vestiges.
Forgotten by boys who have found
other toys
or whisked away by age or circumstance.

I wonder to myself
as I push and I pull,
what my own rapture will be.
Will I rise up in a whirl of dust
and float and glisten
in the rays of the sun?
settling gently among still water, the leaves of trees,
sprigs of new grass, and on the tender hearts of mankind?

I have listened to the Lego Men.
They tell me there are others...
and I believe.

              (copyright July 2011 by Jennifer Valentine)