Thursday, July 21, 2011

Idea: Window "Dressing" to Stay Cool

There is a heatwave going on...and I don't remember it being so hot last year. I've been roaming around our old house covering windows as artfully as possible to keep the sun out and the cool in. I'm not a huge fan of summer...strange I guess coming from a woman who spent most of her life in Northern Florida....
I've been keeping cool with the old fans around the house my husband has restored to their original glory, and lots of Coke in little glass bottles...
As I was pondering how to keep the curtains out of the way of the window unit, while simultaneously keeping out the sun, I came up with a quick solution! I used an old necklace as a tie back, and then used two clear tacks to tack a vintage white apron to the top part of the window...thus creating a layered defense that keeps a lot of the sunshine out, while still looking pretty...what do you think?

It's all in the layering...on top of the curtains, I also hung a white vintage dress on a wooden hanger and topped with an old, three layers. The apron up top, then the curtain, then the dress(es). You could even tie the apron onto little brass hooks, or layer the aprons by tying them to each other to make a valance.
Bedroom window

close up of lampshade
I dressed this old lamp shade up with bunched up layers of old lace and a favorite rhinestone brooch.
window layers

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Hope you like my idea!
Love and Light,

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