Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cherir La Vie

My daughter has been working so hard to open her new etsy shop! It is called Cherir La Vie, which in French means to Cherish Life. I love her use of bright color and simple elegance...
Fleur de Lotus
We've been talking "shop" about photographing, lighting, supplies, beads, wording, descriptions and all things Etsy. I'm super proud of her, and only being 18, I think she's done a fantastic job! She has a new seriousness about making her own money in her own way, now that she is going to be a new mama in a few months...(and yes, I'm going to be a new Grandma!) I love seeing her fly on her own with her own creative this amazing locket ring~
Crystal Cluster (only 10 dollars!)

and this asymmetrical peach and gold vintage looking beauty~

Jardin De Corail (only 21.00!)
I love how she photographs her necklaces like they are lost and tangled in branches...there for you to discover. I love that her prices are fair and her work has the same kind of quality you can expect from mine. I love that her work is timeless and young and fresh and pretty. Just like her.
When she was my favorite Etsy model circa 2009
Lovely Mama to be, Emily Cathryn  July 2011
Seems like just last week, I chose to name her after one of my most favorite songs~

Well, I've got lots of work to do myself! I think I've got at least six necklaces on my table waiting to be finished...and twice as many pairs of earrings. Look for new things to come in my shop, and in hers~!



  1. Both of you do lovely work.Congrats on becoming a Grandma! Both my daughters had daughters in the last few weeks. Pure gifts from Heaven!

  2. Jennifer,

    Your daughter is beautiful and so is her jewelry--just like you ❤

    Thank you for sharing. Best wishes to you and Emily. May your journey into art be full of joy and happiness. Yes, Cherir La Vie.


  3. Very cool! You should link her up here! (Her Etsy shop). Good for her!


  4. I've been anticipating more of Emily's work afer having purchased an amazing locket from her! My prayers are with her as she starts this new enterprise (my son, a graphic designer, has just started his own Etsy store, Royal Archer Records) and the next chapter in her life as a new mom. What a blessed baby to be born into your family! Love and blessings to all, Karen


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