Tuesday, December 07, 2010

What I Was Up to Before I was Rudely Interrupted

I'm out of bed this afternoon, just for a bit though to say hello. 
I had grand plans this past week. Oh yes, I had plans. But my body? Well it had other plans....
I've been very sick these past several days. Sicker that I ever thought possible. Complete with ER visit and scary low blood pressure that almost got me admitted.
I am just now feeling a little better, and aside from being happy about the obvious, spending time with my family;
My thoughts turn to my passion, my jewelry making...
My grand plans are laid to waste, I think to myself while looking wistfully at the small pile of earrings and bracelets I made to put in the shop.....before it came along. I wonder to myself what I am supposed to take from all of this. I thought I was grateful to be well before. I thought that the worst was behind me and I wanted to jump back and kiss myself because I felt so good to feel good again. But no. Before was just a kiddie ride. Just being able to get out of bed and stay upright for as long as I've taken to write these words means I am finally on the mend. And I am ever ever so grateful. The curtains are flung open to reveal a beautiful winter wonderland that wasn't there before. The sounds of life all around me are a sweet symphony...

I've got new things coming to the shop very soon. I must say, I love the new cuff bracelets the most. They give me a great opportunity to use some larger buckle pieces from my collection that I can't use for necklaces.

I'd like to thank all of you who have sent well wishes, notes of hope and love to me. It means so much.

antique buckle cuff bracelet
depression glass dangle earrings

Art Nouveau flowers with Haskell filigree
These things and more will be coming to the Etsy shop very soon. I am having a sale through Christmas of a total of 20% off of everything in the shop if you use the discount code "WONDERLAND" at checkout.
(now, back to bed...)


  1. I was wondering how you were feeling...SOOOOoooo glad to hear you are "on the mend" your new yummies are soooo very yummy! Chin up BUTTERCUP!

  2. i'm sorry to hear that you've been so ill..hope you will continue to improve. your work is wonderful

  3. So relieved to hear that you are feeling better, dear Jennifer. I was worried about you but lifting you up in prayer. Continuing to send you healing hugs with love and blessings, Karen

  4. I'm sorry you are in pain. The new jewelry is beautiful - my fav are the depression glass earings. Hang in there. XOXO ~Joyce

  5. My Dearest Valentine, My heart aches for you to hear that you have been suffering so! I'm so sorry you have been through such a terrible time, battling this unfair and ongoing disease. Now, more so than ever, as I realize how sick you truly must feel to have been so recently affected. Obviously, so many of us care...please know that I think of you so often and miss you when you are absent from your blog posts, facebook comments,your Etsy shop, and emails. Please have better days...soon and many. You are needed! Much love always!

  6. Ooh Jenn I had no idea you were under the weather, now I know why I haven't heard from you. I'm sorry you had to go through that and have your Etsy plans disrupted :( So glad you are on the mend and hope to hear from you soon!

    xoxo Averil

  7. Jennifer, I was so grateful to see your words upon the screen tonight. Thinking of you everyday and the places we will visit. Sending thoughts and prayers just for you.

    The new jewels are beautiful, but I heart the cuff bracelet.

  8. I'm so sorry to hear you've been so ill. Missing you and your works, your posts. Sending you some healing vibes and strenght - from me to you. All the best! Jozica

  9. What a delight to hear your voice again! I continue to pray for you and send you warmth, strength and hope. Welcome back my friend-so glad you are here!!!

  10. Jennifer--so good to see you up and writing again...even if it is for just a little while. Take your time. Miss you and love you.

  11. As I wallow in my own pity I have overlooked one of the most important things in life: good friends. I hope you are better every day you rise and let the sun bathe your face. Please take care and be well.


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