Sunday, February 06, 2011

Love, Your Typewritr

I opened my front door Friday to a tall stack of packages...a welcome sight.I always enjoy opening the vintage treasures i use for the shop. But there was one package I was not expecting.... I knew from the sketch on the cover that it was filled with goodness and love. I knew it was from my dear friend and artist Carissa Paige.
I was so overwhelmed and touched to see what was inside! I had just asked her several days before receiving this amazing gift if she'd like some vintage erasable typewriter paper that I had brought with me years ago from Seattle. She didn't respond and I just thought she was busy...little did I know that she was giggling to herself! The most touching part was the typed note that came in the typewriter...
I have always loved to send unsuspecting people small packages of simple blissful things. Random acts of kindness in boxes filled with my love and sent out into the world...I just don't often receive things like that, but I love love love to give them. That is the best part...the giving of thought manifested in physical form. This was such an absolute unexpected joy. I had to share it with you too.
She even enclosed a vintage typewriter brush wrapped with a large feather and soft whispy if to say that any mistakes I made would be effortlessly brushed away. Lord knows I make enough mistakes.
Carissa my dear friend, thank you for your precious self and the precious gift. I can't look at that machine without smiling wide....
 p.s. Dear readers, if you'd like to see Carissa's work, you can visit her etsy shop!

Won't you share an unexpected joy in a comment? I'd love to hear it! and by the way, when was the last time you used a typewriter?


  1. I have a friend that will send me little gifts for every celebration in my life - my b-day, anniversary, my son's b-day! She never forgets and is so thoughtful! And, it's been about 12 years since I've used a typewriter. I used one when I was in the Air Force to add things to forms that were already printed. I bet it's still in that office! :-)

  2. What a fantastic treat! One I am sure you will put to good use creating all sorts of beautiful writing! I have an old yellow electric one that I like to use from time to time-the last time was probably 4 or 5 months ago. There is something about how the print looks-it is seductive!

    Enjoy yours-what an amazing treat!

  3. What a useful post! I have always been a collector of antique jewelry especially. Keep the good work coming, I will check back again for sure.

  4. Oh, this is sooo wonderful! What a sweetheart! I haven't used a typewriter for years. I used to write reports for school on a typewriter. I just love Carissa, I have one of her originals in my little studio. Keep smiling, you are loved by so many. ♥

  5. I love the permanence of type writers that way if you loose something it is your own fault!

    Yeah for good friends and kind hearts!

  6. I have the only typewriter in the building at work. Alas, it is an electric typewriter. Noisy, jarring....but I just love to use it. Enjoy yours. Haven't used one of those since high school!!

  7. What a glorious heartfelt gift! I recently found a beautiful mint~colored Hermes 2000 typewriter at the Salvation Army store. I had originally planned to resell her, but she is calling to me...tempting me...inspiring me...I think I must keep her.


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