Friday, April 15, 2011

Where Does the Time Go?

I celebrated my 42nd birthday on the 13th....with a new funky hair-do/highlight thing...I've been wanting a change...and well, I got one. And afterward I felt guilty for being so vain that I'd spend money on highlights....the usual internal tug of war when I spend money on myself. I'm still not used to seeing the new hair...I was a blond until age 4 1/2. Does that count? but do I think I like it. I used a photo app I have on my ipod for my 42nd birthday picture because it is sooooo much kinder to my face! I'm seeing wrinkles pop up in weird places, like under my chin...what's with that?!

We are welcoming spring here in Michigan. It is bursting out everywhere. My favorite part is the tiny clumps of violets that appear everywhere in the yard
and then the daffodils arrive on the very back edge of the yard in big clumps.

I recently watched the movie Eat, Pray, Love...I read the book years ago and just loved it, so I was pretty excited about the movie too. In the movie she talks about the Art of Doing Nothing. I thought about that. I asked myself, if there is ever a time, aside from sleeping, that I am ever just doing nothing? The answer was a resounding "NO."
So I went out into the yard one day this week and did that very thing. I took a photo of it for my journal...this whole notion of nothing doing was different for me, the multitasker-alwayshavingstufftodo-er.

There is a lot to be said for this whole doing nothing concept. I like it. I think I want to do more of it. I did nothing for a full 30 minutes or more....well, I did pet my cats...but I felt the breeze on my skin...the sun on my eyelids...I lay down and breathed in the scent of moist dirt and grass. I began to feel closer to myself...closer to the earth...closer to God. Just those few moments refreshed my spirit and reminded me of what I love best in life: being present in the outside world.
Do you ever practice the Art of Doing Nothing? If you do, where is your doing nothing place? What is your most favorite part of the season you are in?
Thank you for being here today. I'll be back soon with more news and such!


  1. By the size of my laundry pile you would think I practice the art of doing nothing on a regular basis. :)
    It sounds dreamy though to sit outside in the sun. It it still wet and rainy here but when the sun is out one of my favorite do nothing places is a beach here called Neskowin. I sent you a little birthday package today, hope you like it! :)

  2. Happy Birthday! Your hair looks great - and don't feel guilty about pampering yourself - you are a momma of 5!!! You deserve it! It's hard for me to do nothing, so the closest I get to it is reading, which usually turns into a nap! ;-)

  3. happy birthday..your hair looks great..and if you can't do something fun for yourself on your birthday..then when?
    i learned the art of doing nothing from my mom..ha..that sounds a bit odd..but she has always loved taking a break from her busy schedule to sit outside, listen to the birds, feel the breeze and have a moment for oneself..
    i think she is on to something wonderful.

  4. Your hair looks great. We are the same age! Though I will beat you to 43, in July.

    I never do nothing. I can't. It stresses me out. :) I took the Keirsey personality test and got INTP which says we can't "do nothing." It would take more energy to make myself do nothing than it would to do something. I would have to take my knitting out on the grass or something in order to relax. Actually, it's kind of freeing to know that because I used to feel guilty about it, like maybe it meant I was really shallow and afraid of meditation or something.

    Isn't it funny what we can feel guilty about?

    Anyway, happy birthday. I'm glad there are flowers up for you to celebrate the day! :)

  5. I do love your's so flattering!!

    And those little violets that pop up in the grass..we get them as well and I just love to see them poke their little faces out! It's been a bit too cold here in Toronto but I know they'll be here soon and I anticipate their arrival!!

    As for time to be quiet, to be silent and just "be"...I started a 6 week mediation class on Thursday night and so far I'm loving it. I'm going to create a little meditation corner...and that will do me until the weather changes enough for me to be outside and to do exactly what you did the other day - sit quietly, feel the breeze and the sun and just "be".

  6. I loved that movie... so so many wonderful moments and oh so many wonderful words and quotes to take from it.. aaah the art of doing nothing... i hv always loved that concept... niente... nothing... love it.

    My fave do nothing spot is by the ocean.. in a beach chair with the water swirling around my toes, the breeze on my skin and the little shorebirds keeping me company.
    God knows why we live in Fargo.. LOL oh i know.. to be closer to my girls as they get older.. but in a few years, hubby and I wanna move to southern GA.. one day. xo hugs
    thks for all your love and support. xo
    means so much.

  7. i do a lot of nothing, but i also do a lot of something. it all kind of evens itself out. do i feel better doing nothing or something? depends on what the something or the nothing is. but i do think i prefer the doing something.... if you know what i mean.

    i do like your hair.. it looks really cool..
    getting older doesn't mean looking daggy.. it means enjoying who we are more without the stress of external expectations. it means taking risks and venturing into territories and exploring our own individuality.

    i'm nearly 60.. don't feel a day over 40.. and while i care about what others think of me and the way i look, i care a whole lot more about what i think of myself and how i see myself.

    so, go girl. enjoy your new age. redefine it and yourself. take those risks. we only live once and if you don't dye your hair or paint your toenails or wear that fabulous dress you'll never know what it feels like. wear your age with pride because a lot of others out there try to hide it and treat it with shame instead of giving age the honour it deserves.



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