Friday, April 01, 2011

Winners of the Giveaway!

being silly with my oldest Daughter a minute ago
It's Friday morning....well, it was.....after an emergency vet visit for Cutie, whose Christmas antics post seemed to make lots of you smile! He's ok. Just a fever and a cold. Whew! He scared me there for a minute...or two.
SO, I'm back after throwing on clothes and no makeup and a hair-don't and rushing to the local vet to give you the winners of the Giveaway! (and winners, be sure to get in touch with me!)

Mia, you are a winner of the earrings!
Karen, you are an earring winner also!
"I aim for Grace", you are a winner of the feather hairpins!
"Teal Water", you are also a winner of the gold plated feather hairpins!
and the last drawing was for the magazine and, Terri Ann, you are the winner of a copy of the Jewelry Affaire magazine!....I feel weird asking if you want me to sign it....I mean, just in case I get super famous or know....(laughing)
I hope everyone has a great day! Remember it's April Fool's day!
I've already been fooled once. I'm soooooo gullible.
So LOOK OUT. And now I have to research why all the vintage April Fools' cards involve someone holding a fish.....I think maybe because "Fool" in French means "Fish"? So it's just the French cards...

Thank you CHICKS57 on Flickr for the amazing antique postcard images.


  1. Lucky Ladies! Happy Weekend Jennifer!

  2. I just logged on to iGoogle and saw "Winners of the Giveaway" and thought...please let me win. I am so excited that I actually did win!!! Sending you an email now...thanks!

  3. Gorgeous to see the fun you coming out to play here!

  4. Whoo Thank you!!! I was shocked to see my name!!

  5. ((JENNIFER)) Thank you so much! What a wonderful surprise. It seems everywhere I click these days, there are treasures all around.

    I adore your jewelry, and am looking so forward to adding another pair of your earrings to my collection. My heart is fluttering. Thank you ❤



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