Saturday, September 11, 2010

In Celebration, a Saturday Giveaway!

Autumn is finally showing its grace here in rural is my most favorite season of the year. I've been busy making lots of new things for the shop, that I'll be posting throughout the weekend and I am offering a 10% discount on everything in the shop until Monday evening at midnight. And To celebrate being published in Belle Armoire Jewelry and the coming of fall, I will be giving away a pair of these beauties:
(vintage rhinestone teardrops in an exquisite shade of Madeira Topaz)

I just love these earrings! The antiqued brass elements are so highly detailed, along with vintage rhinestones in a shade (Madeira Topaz) that you just don't see in modern jewelry.
No special hoops to jump through to win these! Just leave a little comment to be entered, but I'd love to hear your fondest memory of Autumn, whether it be jumping in huge piles of leaves as a child, collecting and pressing leaves, or drinking warm apple cider.....and might I share some of them in a later post?
Thank you for being here today.
Jennifer Valentine