Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Something as Simple as Water

I've been following Blood: Water Mission for quite some time now. It is a project that has a hold of my heart. Of all the things we take for granted in this world, would water be in the top three? Number one?
For the next two weeks only, any donations you make to Blood: Water Mission will be matched dollar for dollar. I am willing to donate 50% of the proceeds from the sale of any of my jewelry from this day, Wednesday October 20th until midnight on Saturday, October 23rd to a cause I hold very dear. Something as simple as clean water can change the lives of millions...a well, a water tank, or a simple water filtration container can drastically decrease disease and help communities and children to thrive. Children walk for miles each day to fetch water for their families instead of going to school. Imagine what having water nearby can do for countless communities across Africa. Water is a luxury we in America have all been born with. This precious resource has always been just a few steps away for us....just as far away as the kitchen sink. We take showers in it and bathe in it. We water our grass with it. We wash our cars with it. Please help give it to others who were not so fortunate to be born into having clean water within immediate reach...with the simple turn of a faucet handle.
I will have a special posting on Sunday about the donation I made that morning, in your honor, to Blood:Water Mission. All participants who leave a comment and make any kind of donation (even without buying any jewelry from my shop!) will be entered for a drawing for a pair of free custom vintage assemblage earrings made by me, just for you. In the color of your choice. You must leave a comment and say that you made a small donation to be entered into the drawing.
Today, do something beautiful...give the gift of water to a child today. Then in just a few days, you will find something beautiful in your mail box  to remind you of those you have helped. My shop is right here:

Blessings to You and to Yours,
Jennifer Valentine of Sacred Cake

Cyanika Sector, Rwanda from Blood:Water Mission on Vimeo.