Tuesday, October 05, 2010

For Ellie Jane and Her Family

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I got permission from a kind and generous stranger, Ella, who was willing to contribute the use of her image (one I fell in love with on Etsy as I searched for photographs of candles) so that I could make this little "button". It seems just perfect for the thought I want to convey and the message I want to send. (thank you Ella, for the most perfect image!)
You see, I've had the pleasure and joy of reading Liz Lamoreux's blog for many years now. She brought light to me during times when my life seemed a little dark. Her words and photography and artwork are uplifting and beautiful.  I want to repay Liz's kindness for touching my life in so many ways, by helping to gather all the love and healing thoughts that I can to send with baby Ellie Jane now, on the day of her surgery, and in the critical days and weeks ahead. I want little Ellie Jane to see her first birthday with a strong heart healed with great skill, and with the love of community. Thoughts are powerful, powerful things. Send thoughts of love and healing out for their little family now, this Friday, and as often as you see this photograph.
I have been given permission from Ella to distribute this image to whomever would like to use it. Please also be sure if possible to include the link to Liz's post when reposting or using on your blog or website. Instead of trying to explain any further, or paraphrase or quote, I will let you read it for yourself  here.


  1. Thank you for sharing this Jennifer-I have shared it on my blog and will be sending prayers and love their way.

  2. Jennifer, thank you for sharing the story of Ellie Jane with us. In this moment:

    Liz, I close my eyes. In the darkness I see a thin line of light rising on the horizon. I see your daughter, Ellie Jane, and her arms outstretched to a new day of boundless hope and love. She reaches for her parents, for you. She is smiling, full of life.

    October 7 is a new moon. My intention is set. This one is for Ellie Jane. Yes.


  3. Such a beautiful idea! And a fitting homage to two very special people.
    I have added my own prayers to those making their way across the globe to one tiny little heart.
    Thank you, Jennifer.


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