Friday, October 01, 2010

Religious Assemblage Jewelry, and Being Faithful to the Faithful

Mother of God

What I most like about creating assemblage jewelry with antique religious medallions that most of them (the ones I most like) are so worn by being handled by the faithful for decades of life....for me, there is a lot of power and mystery surrounding such things. I am drawn to the mystery of faith, to the lives of Saints and the lives of those who loved them. My grandfather always wore the medal of St. Christopher around his neck for as long as I can remember, and I think that is where my inspiration and curiosity began. I am forever drawn to the aged silver; the faces rubbed plain from years of prayer and lifetimes of faith. There is no way to replicate that with a new medal. One can rub and age and smooth and darken them (believe me, I've tried), but th antique and vintage medals have a whisper of their that you cannot give to it in a moment or an hour.That is why when I stumble upon antique religious medals in a shop, I feel like I am witnessing a tiny miracle of sorts...that something so small can survive for so many decades of adoration and wear. Religious medals are my most prized jewelry making item for so many reasons.
And so I am faithful to the faithful. I create something else from these medals that can be re-worn, re-cherished, and re-lived in a different way. Hopefully in a way that would give the previous owner some joy that their prayer, their faith and the mystery of Saints is given new light.
And Lo


  1. Your words are always so "magical" and inspiring! Like lines from a book that capture me...thank you! And I adore your jewelry!

  2. So much religious iconography seems stuck, as though it couldn't imagine an evolving world. By giving these pieces a fresh face, you make faith energetic, while keeping the power of mystery alive. This is work that is more important than FreeFriday.

  3. I love your work, especially your saint "religious" pieces. I do the same thing but with fabric and turn out bags instead of jewelry but I can so relate to your posting. Thank you for doing this important work. Just to think of all the prayers and pleas rubbed into the pieces.....holy vibrations. Lucky and blessed wearers of your work.

  4. I JUST purchase this beautiful Religious Assemblage Necklace of Mary from your Etsy Shop as a post Holiday present to myself. Can't wait to receive it, you have fabulous creations! As an Artist I am always inspired by the work and vision of other talented Artists.

    God Bless... Dawn... The Bohemian


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