Saturday, October 09, 2010

The Sweet Spot

On Thursday, I took Christian to his lesson. I inquired as to whether Nikki, his teacher, who was a concert cellist for the Kalamazoo Symphony, would teach an adult the cello....she said yes. And I said yes. I have always loved the cello and always made excuses as to why I could not afford lessons. Now, how can I afford not to?
...and the quiet out there reminds me of a time, long ago in the South, when country life became such a part of me forever....when the sun set right outside my kitchen window and nothing but the sound of the wind in the trees could be heard for miles.... fistfuls of wildflowers and the depth of the night sky,  and sleeping with the door wide open. The little white house we lived in at the end of that dirt road in Florida was a magic place....I still visit it in my dreams. Life was so much simpler then. It had to be.
Being out there at Nikki's little white house each Thursday refreshes my spirit so....this past Thursday I played with puppies. I ate concord grapes right off the vine. I felt the Autumn wind as it blew through my hair and I felt the sun on my face; I walked the expanse of open fields and felt the mesmerizing power of the arms of trees....and always....always.....I think of her.
My best friend back home, who I haven't seen for years. But I can feel her always. Even if we don't talk for months, she is there in everything I do. Everything I the bright colors of glazed pottery and in the stillness of the day. Our imaginary conversations sustain me and I am held up by her spirit when I feel myself stumble.
My Spider Princess...I'm loving you still.
 I love the smell of puppies...
It reminds me of being a little girl again.

I'd love to hear your favorite memory of your best friend or a favorite place. Won't you share it?


  1. I spent 4 years of my childhood in the US before moving back to Germany - and it was the hardest thing having to say farewell to my best friend! We had been like sisters and then we had to part! About 6 months after moving back to Germany, she gave me a call to let me know, that she and her family were moving to a town about 30 min. away from the place we lived! So we spent the next 4 years together again, before she had to move back! Life then separated us for a while. 2 years ago I moved back to the States and "found" her again! She is and will always be with me and in my actions no matter where I go! It is as if she were a part of me! I so understand you!

  2. Jennifer, I love it that you said YES to cello lessons. Can't wait to read more about it.

    One of my most favorite places was a quaint restaurant on top of a hill in France. I was with a very good friend, and it was the first time I was overseas. I hope one day to return to that sweet spot.


  3. Jennifer, I love your video! So green and sparkly, reminds me of Oregon. Fun to hear your voice too. :) Some of the best times of my childhood were spent with my cousin. She lived close by and we were total goofballs together. She gets me and even when we've been apart, it's like no time has passed when we're together again.
    Good luck with the cello my friend, you can do it!
    ♥ you,


  4. My best friend Cindy & I met in the 5th grade. I remember writing to her from the "dude ranch" my parents sent me to that summer. We were inseperable during Jr. High - giggling, laughing, talking on the phone til all hours, sleepovers, camping out in the back yard, meeting our first "boyfriends". Eventually, her family moved from Omaha to Kansas City & my family moved to South Carolina. We kept in touch & did manage to see each other every 15 years or so. The sweetest thing she ever did was to secretly save all of my letters that I wrote her 5th grade through High School. One day I opened a package from her & there they all were. I still take them out & reread them & get all teary eyed. We still talk on the phone & email & see each other more often since we are only 500 miles apart now. When I talk to her, it's like no time has passed at all & we are still the closest of buddies.

  5. My cousin wasn't my best friend as she lived to far but she was probably my most interesting one. I lived in the plain ol burbs, but she was a through and through. My but she was daring. Dirt bike rides I was sure would take the skin off my legs as we darted so close to trees, jumping from trees into creeks, swimming in our underwear. We just didn't DO such things in the suburbs. My mom would have died-had she known...

  6. That would be a COUNTRY GIRL through and through. :/


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