Monday, September 20, 2010

I love the name of this curated spot on!

Handmade Gifts
I have made the move to Artfire to save my customers some money and so I can have a nicer online shop. I want to be able to offer my work at more reasonable pricing! I'm pretty excited about the move. Artfire offers much more custom options, too numerous to name...also, when I am done "fluffing" it, it will look better than my current website! Stay tuned for a special coupon next week when it's all finished for all of my sweet readers!
I'll be back soon.
Thank you for being here...


  1. Very cool Jennifer! Good Luck with the new shop!

  2. Jennifer, I love your new shop and have updated last week's post and links to reflect the change. Thanks for spreading the joy. -Mia


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