Thursday, September 09, 2010

Newly Fallen

I found the leaves
neatly pressed in pairs and threes
between the pages of
the dic tion ar y
as I looked up
I imagined you there
in your soul soaked old man coat
(the one I mended with silver thread)
conducting a
silent gathering
of the newly fallen
as you flowed through
the arms of forest--
contemplating which
of thousands
to send
to me
to win back my heart
which was
never really lost.
I found the leaves today...


  1. You certainly have come back strong. Wondrous imagery, simply stated; a beautiful way to start off this day.

  2. lovely imagery.
    plus you reminded me i have perfect leaves pressing in a book that is in the giveaway stack..

  3. What a breath of freshness this morning! Thank you for writing so beautifully!

  4. Hi Jennifer - I read your article recently in Artful BLOGGING, and wanted to pop over and say hello. I live a rockskip away from you in Mason.

    Congratulations on all your endeavors!
    Jen Osborn

  5. Oh so beautiful... come back strong indeed! I love (it all) the first 5 lines w/ dic tion ar y! Man-oh-man :)

    Love, C


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