Friday, November 12, 2010

Delicate Dormancy

Branches that braille the morning sky, or the evening sky, have always been a favorite of mine. I love the skeletal branches that end in the tiniest wisps....
So too, this pattern is repeated over and over the veins of leaves...the veins and capillaries in our rivers and streams....
when in Chapter Four of my sister Kelly Rae's book I spoke of finding the fall leaf and the wonder of it; and asked how something that was so simple, yet so complex could be an was my subtle nod to the existence of a great subtle mention of God.
As I turn in for the night, exhausted from a day well spent, I am reminded with this photograph of how fortunate I am that one of my most favorite things has become something as simple as an empty tree against the sky...even when entirely void of its colorful leaves, there is still something so exquisitely beautiful to me about its delicate dormancy...On it's surface, it seems lifeless in its frozen reach for sky...but inside, hope lives on quietly through the winter ...saving itself until the next burst of spring.


  1. I really like that, "delicate dormancy", kind of reminds of my life currently. :-)

  2. Love seeing trees through your eyes. I saw your comment on Averil's blog today. That was so kind of you to offer your help, made me smile. :)
    Much Love,

  3. I enjoy a a particular tree it changes with each new season. It is truly the simple things that mean so much to those of us who take pleasure in observing the subtle changes nature exhibits each new day.

    Love reading your words, my friend.

  4. Love your blog post tonight. I have a passion too for the bare trees against the sky and for sunrises. This mornings was so beautiful.

  5. walking home from high school everyday through a tree-filled suburb, i used to stare and stare at these intricate branch silhouettes and the beauty was my relief from all the depression and isolation i felt. they became extremely important symbols to me. I'd forgotten about that til now.

  6. Mmmmm, delicate dormancy. you and your vision of the worlds is a delicate delight.

    i remember waking up every morning at my grandparents house staring at the tree outside my window, following the branches, basking in it for a good 30 min's - an hour. i probably could have layed there all day :)


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