Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Old Things...

I've got some new things in the Etsy shop...I'm wishing I could stay at my little old shabby desk all day and create...want to make more of these assemblage mirror pieces too...I have a little show of sorts coming up. A meet and greet at a new shop in Coloma and I am very excited! Pictures will describe what I can not, so come back again soon, ok?


  1. Jennifer, lovely as always. Love the way you capture the beauty of your jewelry. Coming here is a joyful delight ♥


  2. Absolutely stunning again and again! When is your show-please share the date!

  3. They look amazing. Love them.

  4. ohhhh i adore these new pieces!!! and especially the mirror!!! can't wait to see more of these. i am head over heals for all of your assemblages!!!! (i wish i lived closer so i could come sit in your studio, and hug you of course. and squeeze all of your kitties!)

    looove u!

  5. Hello Jennifer! I'm excited to have discovered your blog. Your jewelry is wonderful, and you have some fabulous ideas for Christmas ornies. I live in East Lansing, Michigan, and I'm an antique dealer. Recently, I've sold three dress forms.....they are very popular right now. I'm glad you found one to call your own!


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