Thursday, September 08, 2011

So, I've Wanted to Tell You

I've wanted to tell you about so much...I've wanted to tell you about how the air is changing and the coolness coming in from outside as I make my assemblage jewelry there in my circle of light in the evenings is such a welcome and wonderful gift. I've wanted to tell you about becoming a grandma soon (somewhere around November 2nd) and how I can hardly wait to look into my tiny grandson's eyes, and how he has transformed my wayward and rebellious older teen into a young woman whom I can sing and laugh with...and how I have his presence to thank for that and how I know that everything that happens, happens for reasons we simply cannot foresee.
 I've wanted to tell you about the funny "stink bug" infestation on the last of the melons in the back yard, and about the last of the tomatoes in the garden and the sound of birds I've never heard before as they migrate south through this tiny town in west Michigan... and how every time I think that I am now a bonafide "Michigander" it cracks me up; the 'gander" part particularly.
and I want to tell you about how poorly my spelling has become, but my desire to write and for my work to be read burns in my belly constantly...just that life does not desire me to write much at the moments I most desire to write and that is why I am here now, late in the night, writing. Because this is the only place I find time to write. Here in the quiet spaces of the night before bed...So I write here for anyone who thinks I may have something worth reading amid the busyness of life and of love and of daily exhaustion. ( I know the exhaustion, and that is why I appreciate those who choose to read here more than I can say.)
Funny, I have many partially empty journals dating back 20+ years...journals from my 20's with maybe ten pages out of 50 blank pages filled with random thoughts and scribbles and rants between ex-husbands and diaper changes. After they began to pile up, I simply ripped the few pages out of the journals that had writing and  I stuffed them into what I call "the suitcase of life", which is an old and tattered medium-sized vintage suitcase filled with random tangible articles that verify that yes, I once existed here somewhere among the concert programs and the award for honorable mention for poetry for the High School Florida Young Writer's contest in 1986. (which has a typo in the program poem title that was supposed to read "A piece of Blue Glass." but instead reads, "A Piece of Blue Grass." which changed the meaning entirely, don't you think? So everyone at the awards ceremony must have thought, hey that 16 year old kid likes Bluegrass, eh?
I'm rambling. I know.
I want to tell you about  my husband, whom I have such a deep admiration for, for so many of them being his ability to paint and draw everything from duplicating the insides of the antique pocket watches he collects and repairs, to painting and drawing amazing portraits.
some of KW's recent Sketches
Even his scribbles or painting for fun with our son becomes the day we painted paper plates for fun~
dixie plate portrait

I want to tell you how he planted my favorite flowers in the front yard so that I can see them through the window as I work~
the last of the Queen Anne's Lace and Hydrangeas

I have cleaned my table since the last movie I made for you here. I spent a good few hours sorting and cleaning and it just feels better to have an uncluttered place to work. I've also been working on these, which will be in the shop soon~

functional assemblage art
oil can photo holders
the original oil can photo holders
 by jennifer valentine

I've been busy working on my new website also, If you have a moment, stop by and tell me what you think? It is in fairly basic stages, but I work a little each day. I am moving toward having a working shop of my very own running there soon! Until then, you can find my work in the usual place, on under the under name SacredCake, for those of you who may just be dropping by today! (and I'm glad you did!)

So glad you chose to come here.
Blessings to You and Yours,


  1. I savor your words and the mental images they evoke. So glad you wanted to share those things. They are balm to this exhausted soul. Bear Hugs to you dear Jennifer. xoxoxoxoxo

  2. The new website looks lovely! Hurray! And I love taking the time to read your blog...always, always. :-)

  3. Thank you for your post today...I needed to read similiar words from my thoughts to your post.

  4. I love your ruminations, Jennifer. After dinner is my favorite time to sit down and relax....with you and your wonderful words. Keep on.....I just love it.

  5. I think you have something worth reading. Thank you for sharing this.

  6. So nice to meet you via this lovely post. A girlfriend just sent me a link to you, she was visiting from Chicago ( I'm somewhat new to mid-michigan ) and we're having fun sending each other blog links that we both enjoy :) I'm off to visit your new website.

  7. i love the images your words conjured. thank you for sharing your sincere, beautiful words, your world. i'm so grateful i stopped by.

  8. You have a gift for noticing things. :) I noticed that because I noticed that I don't, and I'm trying to do better at that. Just noticing. Weird word when you say it a lot. :)I love the peep into your ordinary daily life. Love your husband's drawings, too. Very sensitive.

    Early morning is the only quiet time for me. The teenagers stay up to late..

  9. Thank you for this post and sharing so many interesting bits & pieces with us!
    I have that same partially-filled-up-journal-thing going on and love your idea to rip out the written pages and make a little "suitcase" of the past. I am proud though that this summer I finally did manage to fill one book completely that I started a couple years ago - yay :)!

    Your new website is so very lovely - congratulations!


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