Sunday, August 01, 2010


They seem to appear from the canvas,
with searching eyes, somehow manifesting from the drips and smears;
a soul of their own doing.
Brought to life through his hands,
these waywards finally at rest.
A life story made real
yet transient and fleeting
as the fog rolling by
the car windows on a sultry nighttime ride.
from the palette of his dreaming.

(Untitled acrylic on canvas)
("Speed" acrylic on canvas)

("Transgressions" acrylic on canvas)
(Jeremy, crayon and acrylic on canvas)
("Apparition"acrylic on panel)

( These are an example of work by my husband, Ken Morford.  His online Etsy shop is still under construction,but  inquiries about purchasing paintings are welcome. His blog contains a little more about his work. Click here.
Ken is also a poet. You may find his beautiful poetry here.
I am a lucky girl. Surrounded here at home by his talent, and graced with his words.