Sunday, August 08, 2010

Sunday Morning and it's Lena Horne

Yesterday, my son Christian brought this home for me. He remembered I had been searching with hope that another vintage record player would come along to replace the one that came here to Michigan with us in the little U-haul so many years ago...and here it is. Complete with a beautiful glowing light on the off and on knob. And finally, Lena Horne can be set free to waft and roam the rooms downstairs as I cook and as I create and as my little one plays quietly...all of us soothed by the crackling and popping sounds of yesterday. And later, it will be Willie and Barbara and James and Simon and Garfunkle, Crystal and Linda and Rod....I've yet to find her but I am hoping, so hoping someday Billie will come to stay with us too. My beloved, my favorite songstress of all, Miss Billie Holiday....


  1. one of the first songs my husband Brian and I listened to together was by Billie Holiday. so lovely!

    THANK YOU so much for sending such a wonderful package filled with so many fabulous goodies! I can't wait to use them all in my mixed media paintings :)


  2. Oh how I love Billie Holliday! Hope you find the vinyl soon. Congratulations on your spot in Artful Blogging. :-)

  3. wow, look at all these gorgeous blog posts you did while i wasn't looking?!! congrats so so so much on the artful blogging, and on the gorgeous letter from your son! that was quite the tear-jerker for me...

  4. Ohh me too, I listen to albums in my studio...even Billie...I found her at an estate sale just waiting to be heard again. latley I have been listening to Children's long play albums. Do you remeber playing them? My lates find was Raggedy Ann's birthday party. Peter Wolf is my favorite. I had a great vist to your blog thank you!

    Joy ............always


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