Friday, August 20, 2010

Buddha and a Church Lady for Free Friday

The handwriting is from a long and skinny antique ledger kept by a woman for a church describing the daily events...I love the handwriting so much... she gently writes of gatherings and food, baptisms and visits and tithes and such. Old ledgers are one of my most favorite paper things.
The next picture is from an old text book about Japan. I've always wanted to travel there. My Great Grandfather spent some time in Okanawa after the war and his whole house was infused with the orient. My most favorite thing was his collection of chopstick rests. Though I am a Christian, my thoughts are also infused with the teachings of Buddha...I even have several Buddha statues in my home. The serene expressions on their faces, a constant reminder of peace.


  1. Thanks, Jennifer, for these images. The journal handwriting page will surely show up in my work, once I return to the twentieth century. Don't see a return to the twenty-first for a while though. This is a fine Buddha as well; I much prefer these serene Buddhas over the laughing ones. I was raised Baptist, but practise Buddhism; there is no conflict in being both. Buddhism doesn't see itself as a religion with a unique superior being; it embraces each and all, as it should; all together like a Buddha and a church lady.

  2. How perfect of a combo. I can only imagine what your Great Grandfathers how must've looked like. i A D O R E your paper ledgers. I have some bits of this woman's writing right here. Her documenting goals, times for their meetings, her feelings about how things are going (progress report.) i love how I can only read snippets. right now i literally smell old wooden seating, dusty flowers, beams, and song books as i type this.

    I've dabbled in Buddhism and went to a Buddhist meditation circle for a while in my early 20's. I've read a few books by Thich Nhat Hanh and Pema Chodron. I like what they have to say about life and living :)

    Loving Kindness Abound


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