Sunday, August 01, 2010


They seem to appear from the canvas,
with searching eyes, somehow manifesting from the drips and smears;
a soul of their own doing.
Brought to life through his hands,
these waywards finally at rest.
A life story made real
yet transient and fleeting
as the fog rolling by
the car windows on a sultry nighttime ride.
from the palette of his dreaming.

(Untitled acrylic on canvas)
("Speed" acrylic on canvas)

("Transgressions" acrylic on canvas)
(Jeremy, crayon and acrylic on canvas)
("Apparition"acrylic on panel)

( These are an example of work by my husband, Ken Morford.  His online Etsy shop is still under construction,but  inquiries about purchasing paintings are welcome. His blog contains a little more about his work. Click here.
Ken is also a poet. You may find his beautiful poetry here.
I am a lucky girl. Surrounded here at home by his talent, and graced with his words.


  1. Surely, the most talented man on this planet! Not only the artwork which renders me too speechless to post comments on his site...but the poetry too! Did he really do that portrait of Dolly Levi from memory??? The detail!
    (If REAL TALENT was would be millionaires.)

  2. WOW! Your husbands work is BEAUTIFUL. His process is stunning. The two of you together are something else. Surely your house is spiraling w/ beautiful creative energy + light!

    Lots of love to you,

  3. I agree!. What an amazing talent.

  4. Wow, you're husbands work is amazing. Such a talented artist.

  5. Beautiful work-I love the fusion of abstraction with realism! Between your work and your husbands, your home must be a feast for the eyes!

  6. his art is amazing! i checked out his blog and he hasn't posted in a long time and you can't follow him...i would love to...i would love to see a progression painting of his from start to finish!


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