Saturday, January 15, 2011

Resolution gone BAD....and maybe it's GOOD?

OK, I didn't write down any resolutions or words for the year yet...I only know this: I told myself I'd be more organized. I wasn't really specific. I made myself a notebook this year to keep track of labels and receipts and such, so I got that much done....and well, that's about it. I clean my work desk at least once a month and it takes A LOT of my time to do. I always feel better afterward....and then two days later it looks worse and worse and worse...........and I am surprised I get anything done. I really do have a great little space  and I am planning to paint the ugly tannish-brown colored walls soon. Anyway, an excersize in humility brings me here to show you where I work. Where I spend serious blissful hours making things for you...infusing them with joy and with an organized chaos. Is there such a thing?
Thanks for being here today and sharing your time with me. I really enjoy sharing my life here. It is very cathartic for me; but also, someday my children can come here and see where their mama came from....
(my apologies for the video quality ahead of time.)