Saturday, January 15, 2011

Resolution gone BAD....and maybe it's GOOD?

OK, I didn't write down any resolutions or words for the year yet...I only know this: I told myself I'd be more organized. I wasn't really specific. I made myself a notebook this year to keep track of labels and receipts and such, so I got that much done....and well, that's about it. I clean my work desk at least once a month and it takes A LOT of my time to do. I always feel better afterward....and then two days later it looks worse and worse and worse...........and I am surprised I get anything done. I really do have a great little space  and I am planning to paint the ugly tannish-brown colored walls soon. Anyway, an excersize in humility brings me here to show you where I work. Where I spend serious blissful hours making things for you...infusing them with joy and with an organized chaos. Is there such a thing?
Thanks for being here today and sharing your time with me. I really enjoy sharing my life here. It is very cathartic for me; but also, someday my children can come here and see where their mama came from....
(my apologies for the video quality ahead of time.)


  1. Jennifer, you sweetheart!! That is a desk of a very creative artist!!! The muse does not care about order!!
    I love your wall with you favorite paintings and your sister's work, it's all just lovely! I wanted to tell you if you ever have the supplies (and it looks like you may) to make another pair of these earrings: Blue Blue Dream of You Earrings on the bottom of your blog please let me know. I missed out on them on Etsy and wished I would have bought those.
    Have a wonderful creative day :)
    Love, Cathi xo

  2. Jennifer! I adore your creative corner-the potential in all that beauty on your desk just makes me smile :) And, wow, I feel honored to be on your wall with such talented artists-don't know that I feel deserving but my appreciation runs so deep. Blessings to you this Saturday-enjoy every glorious second of creativity!

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I thought I was the only one who creates chaos along with pretty things. It seems each project churns up everything, and I have to stop and clean it up before moving on to the next one. Now I know that's OK. We just have carry our anti-chaos around in our heads, I guess.

  4. I'm basically inhaling dog hair, wire wrapping dog hair, photographing dog hair. Man, I wish my fairy godmother would come and wave her wand over my mess. On the other hand, your simple mention of printing invoices has made my packaging and mailing a million times better, and i havent mixed up an order since.
    do you know how huge that is?

  5. However you do what you do, just keep on doing it!!! :) It was fun to see where my fav artist gets her inspiration and creates such beauty. :) Love, blessings, and prayers for your good health, Jennifer! Always, Karen

  6. Thanks for sharing this wonderful space with us where so many fabulous creations come to life! I feel so honored to see where such inspired pieces of art are made! Organized chaos?! Love it!

  7. Jennifer, love your creative haven and your wall of inspiration. It is always a special moment when I put on your jewelry in the morning. So happy I found you and your treasures.


    P.S. This weekend I put your little Windsor crate with the crystal feet on my bathroom windowsill. Inside the crate are your little notes, a candle, and pieces of your original wrapping paper and ribbons you had used to gift wrap your jewelry. My heart lifts each time I see your creation there on my windowsill. Love it all. Thank you.

  8. This desk is perfectly dreamy just like you... Quite literally a treasure trove filled w/ awesome. Thats you. I seriously want to dive in and root around all your treasures.

    !!! My soul lit up like a christmas tree on fire when I saw my Koko and the butterfly banner at home w/ YOU! Next to Kelly Rae and Susan's gorgeousness...WOW. wow. wow. wow. I am.... beyond words! I can muster up the sounds of insane laughter and joyfulness as I share this w/ my other half. The sound of your sweetness and laughter is just....*sigh* so sweet!

    You made my day... Not only now, but every day! You are so dear.

    Love you,

    PS. I haven't made an "official" resolution(s) either. I told myself I'd be more "disciplined" which I hope translates to "organized." You should see my glorious mess (hoping you WILL!) :D


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