Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Kingdom for a Really Old Dummy

I've been at it again. Trying to capture assemblage necklaces in a realistic neck-like way on an old coat hanger...well, at least I've finally figured out that I can use old hat pins to pin the necklace on to the hanger to give it a more neck-like appearance, but then I'm thinkin' it might just look like a pinned up lab specimen...? I have been searching for the right mannequin for the looooongest time, but to no avail. I've found plenty that I love, but they are all just way out of my price range, but a girl can dream can't she? These are the stuff of my dreams these days. Kinda funny huh? I keep hoping that one day, the perfect one will appear to me, accompanied by the perfect price tag.
This one offered by FrenchbyDesign is one thing I dream of...oh yeah.....it's quite perfect. And if the number on it is the actual size, then the size is right too.

Oh, but then there's this one offered at TopsyDesign...This is the stuff of my dearest dreams people...I so have plans for this gal. In my dreams I festoon her with tiny lights and bits of old tattered lace and Victorian slips. She would display my necklaces so perfectly in the corner of the room by the southern-ish window where the light is perfect and she is always waiting. No more begging, bargaining with and urging my busy teen-age daughters to change their top and sit still while they model my assemblage necklaces! Now I just need about a grand and she can be mine forever. I love the stand and the casters and everything. Pretty nifty eh?
Ah well. We all need something to reach for right? Something to hope for. Sometimes I wonder if I would be as happy if I could afford everything my heart desired...though I really don't desire many material things much anymore. I'm pretty happy with my stacks of old suitcases and the occasional antique ironstone indulgence. I'm really very fortunate in that the things I adore are usually found in dumpsters or are so shabby no one else wants them so I get them for a dollar.
Anyway, this is what I've been doing these days for a pseudo mannequin. Pins and an old hanger.Today was cloudy more than not, so not a good day for photographing things on my favorite white door on my favorite old hanger pretty close to my favorite southern-ish facing window. But not quite close enough or light enough to really get a very high quality shot. (I don't think it helps that I don't use a tripod, though. Better think about that one too.)
(assemblage locket necklace taken on the door after lots of sharpening and tweaking and lightening. still not a very good shot and not good enough for listing in the shop yet.)
(vintage assemblage red glass earrings taken by southern-ish window today when the clouds broke away from the sun. These are ready to list.)

(vintage assemblage crystal earrings photo taken by the same southern-ish facing window today. These are ready to list too.)
I spent some time taking a bunch of really poor quality photos today! I have several necklaces made and ready, but I'll have to do a picture retake tomorrow if the light is good. Thank you for sharing a little of the whole process with me...and a little of the old stuffed stuff I dream of!


  1. oh i soo agree with you on this..i was just looking at new dress forms this weekend and was surprised at the prices..these on your blog are divine.

  2. I love the red glass earrings!! Very chic!!

  3. Hey gorgeous! I hope you're well :) I just wanted to say that I couldn't remember yoru new shop name, and ended up leaving a message at your etsy shop - but wasn't sure if you recieved it or not... Now I'm wondering why on earth I didn't just think to come here and leave you a message in the first place *duh* ;) But - it has to be said, that I absolutely adore the oil can you made for me - it's official, I'm a collector!!! Thank you so much Jennifer, and the earrings - just love them! So so genreous of heart you are, and blessed am I !! I never cease to be amazed at how the internet can make friends of total strangers! Take care and God bless, x Donna

  4. ah, the ol' dressform seductress- i know her well... the only way you can get one is to find it at a flea market. if not, the price of shipping alone will give one a coronary. i got a plastic one from a mannequin supply and even had someone complain about the glare off of it! i need to paint or decoupage it, but so many projects keep me from it.
    btw, i second what donna said! how lucky am i to have made such a big-hearted internet buddy, and one who sends me such treasures?

  5. I have seen your work in several publications and have admired. Then to find out that we are almost neighbors was thrilling. I have a very old dress form that my father purchased for me just before he passed away a couple of years ago. He had a true love of vintage.

    So glad to find you!

  6. I am like you - on the search for a dress form - some of them are so gorgeous and so expensive! So I keep looking.

    Good luck with your search!

  7. I used to have and have used multiple dress forms in my jewelry design business, but at a weakness I sold 2 of mine at a vendor show, when they were begged off of me by a price I couldn't refuse. They were not for sale, or so I thought. This persistent man came back 3 x's before I finally succumbed to his prices offered. I also had one prior to that which was a furriers mannequin and looked much like the one you posted in your photo with the wire cage around the bottom. I sold it for a profit of about $100 and had used it for 2 years for my business. It worked great at the shop I sold at for 1 1/2 years as my display, but once I quit selling there and lugged her to and from a few vendor large shows, she proved to be too cumbersome. Looking back at it, she would of been a great conversational piece to of kept in our home. Oh well...
    As for your mannequin that you found several months after this posting, my favorite one I kept is of that same genre. I love mine and keep her in our home year round. She currently is dressed as an angel next to our Christmas tree. I have photos of her on my facebook page if you desire to see her at... Gretchen Johnson Schaumann. She had a bluish knit material over her parchment when I found her and it was FILLED with dust. I removed it and have a tutorial about it on my blog, in case you haven't already stripped yours down or found a way to make her as you'd like. Just check out my Tutorials on www.mimitoriasdesigns.blogspot.com for the how to's and how I did.


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