Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What Makes Your Heart Flutter?

     My little article in Jewelry Affaire magazine is published and the magazine will be available on newsstands or to order online through Stampington on April 1st! I got my issue already and I am completely humbled to be included in this amazing and gorgeous magazine with so many talented artists...I don't quite feel like I should be there, you know? I have to remind myself though, that just because my work is fairly simple, it doesn't mean it isn't worthy of being seen.
I need to remind myself, and you today, that comparing ourselves to others that seem to be more than we are; more talented, more beautiful, more significant, more worthy, is a "sure fire" way to become quite unhappy.
There are days I look at my work and shake my head...and the voices rattle around in there saying things like, "who do you think YOU are?" "Anyone can do what you do." "You're wasting your time. This will never amount to anything." "You'll never be as successful as Nina or Stephanie or Kelly Rae or, or, or..." I literally have to tell them out loud to JUST SHUT UP! And I keep on creating.  I think we all probably have those nagging negative voices, don't we?
So don't let those voices take over! Sometimes, it is really hard isn't it? Have faith in yourself. I have faith in you!

So when I saw this come in the mail today:
and the voices in my head said, "well, you have no business in a great magazine like this." I took a deep breath and firmly told that voice. "I am worthy. I do have something to offer this world. My work is beautiful in its own way...a way that is my own beautiful way."
 I don't feel like my work is really "mine" though. I feel very much like it is a gift... and I truly believe that each of us has a special gift, unique to us, if we take the time to explore ourselves and find it.
What makes you loose track of time? What leaves you breathless? What makes your heart flutter? What brings you true delight when you do it? The answers to those questions will be your first clue. Unfortunately, the first answer that comes to mind for me, is eating chocolate you might have to move down your list just a little and that's ok....
I urge you to take a few moments today just to explore YOU.

My sister, Kelly Rae Roberts, has new prints that ask questions like these and more. This one is one of my favorites and it can be found here, with so many other new prints that she has added to her online shop!

Next Friday, I am giving away a free copy of the new Jewelry Affaire magazine (which is packed full of tutorials, beautiful jewelry and stories) trust me, it is a beautiful publication! I'm also giving away two pair of my best selling vintage jewel earrings,
lots of pretty vintage colors to choose from!

and also two pair of feather hairpins.....I am so amazed at how many ladies love these!

All you have to do is leave a comment to be entered. No hoops to jump through or anything....You can even leave an anonymous comment with your name (first name and first letter of last name please!) if you'd like. I'll announce the all of the winners next Friday, April 1st, so I'm really hoping for lots of entries! But please enter only once. There will be 5 chances to win something!
I just love doing giveaways and I appreciate you all so much. Thanks for being here today!
I'd also really love to thank Beth Livesay of Stampington & Co. for believing in me and my work....such gratitude I have for you Beth!


  1. (( JENNIFER )) Congratulations! So beautiful. I ㄥ◯Vモ your jewelry and creative spirit. Thank you for adding beauty to the world. We need you here❤


  2. I love your work as you know, and I love that you are published...and humble enough to wonder if you "belong". So many people feel it is their "right" to be somewhere and I'm not saying that they are wrong, but being humble about it is so much nicer, because as you said, our talent is our gift, one we are meant to share.

    I know too well the negative voices that repeat and repeat about our worth and how we must continue to silence them. I myself am my own worst "obstacle" of getting in my own way when I have something I very much want to do. I can create this, that and the other quite easily; but when there is something I dream of doing (and there are a few things) I manage to put up roadblocks and I ask myself "why".

    Reading your words here today has had a huge impact on I must go and start moving those obstacles!! xoxoxox

  3. Thanks for the reminder to not compare ourselves to others. I found your post today very inspiring.
    Beth E.

  4. I had to laugh to myself because when you start questioning your abilities you need to remind yourself that you are worthy because you are an artist and that's what artists do. We constantly go though these feelings of not feeling like we are good enough. When you question it it's because you know deep down inside you are worthy. You are a great artist. Your work is gorgeous and so are you. Congratulations for getting published and remember: you deserve to be there because you are talented and you have worked hard enough for it! Love you ♥

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  6. Congratulations~you deserve to be there Jennifer because you are talented and you have worked hard enough for it. I'm so happy for you because you have arrived my dear to being an artist. Good job!
    love you ♥

  7. I love reading your blog, it is so inspiring. So near and dear to my heart.
    When I look at your beautiful jewelry I think of the heart--your heart that is in each and every piece. That is why is is so perfect that you say,each piece tells a story, it does.
    I think you are an angel sharing your gift with the world and we are twice blessed that you share your gifts with us.

    (sorry I don't have an account)

  8. You are so inspiring & talented. You & Your Gifts are what make my heart flutter. I face those voices too... Nothing a good honest dialogue with yourself can't fix. I have a pastel green phone and it always makes me think of your phone / line to God... I love that.

    I can't wait to see this issue when it comes out!!! Yay & CONGRATS!


  9. I am so happy for you. I love your work!!

  10. I love your unique style. :)

  11. Congratulations, dearest Valentine!!! Can not WAIT to see the issue! What makes my heart flutter???!!! Your fabulous jewelry creations, of course!!!

  12. Beautiful work. You are so very talented.

  13. Awesome job!! Your jewelry is beautiful and I appreciate a chance to win some and to win the magazine!!

  14. i just popped by from Felicity's blog & love your feather hairpins!

  15. Congratulations on being published! Your work is beautiful!

    just having an eye for aesthetics and an appreciation of beauty makes one an artist, I think. Sure, we tend to compare ourselves to the big names, the 'cool kids', but you dont realize there's countless others who wish they could just have a shop and a gorgeous blog and a bunch of arts and crafts friends like you do!
    I count myself lucky to have been contacted out of the blue by you and let into your dear sweet world. I am humbled to be appreciated by you every time you tell me you like something of mine, just glad that someone out there can see the kind of beauty i do.
    and one final thing- at least you got off your *ss and submitted, which is much more than i've ever done!

  17. I have those voices too, but making art makes my heart flutter so I keep at it. You are talented and so deserving my friend! My daughter is always asking if she can wear my sacred cake earrings and hairpins.
    Sending big hugs to you! :)

  18. Congratulations! How wonderful to be published in such a great magazine, and you fit in perfectly with all the other talented artists. I more than admire your beautiful work, it's beyond stunning. xo Lidy

  19. The swishyswooshiness of paint, cloudy days against blooming cherry trees, storms at the beach, the smell of new babies... Oh there's just too much to list. Anyway, I think it's wonderful you got in the magazine. You are a good kind person and you've done the work. :) They publish some great ones and I'd love to win one.

  20. Jennifer! I picked up this latest issue and saw your beautiful jewelry and thought to myself "I wish I were THAT creative" then I read on your blog that you are questioning your own creativity! Oh girl, please don't, I admire you and have for a long time! You have a beautiful creative soul, you nurture others you are BLESSED! Big Hugs! Teri at Leelanau Linens

  21. beautiful! love a fluttering heart.


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