Saturday, August 28, 2010

An Inexpensive Water Feature Idea

For quite some time I had been wanting some kind of water feature in our home. The sound of trickling water is soothing to me...but I was never happy with the ones available in the stores. Most of them were plasticky and kinda cheesy. The ones I was happy with were in the expensive home and garden catalogs and stores and completely out of my price range! As I was visiting the Salvation Army thrift store last week, I happened upon a fountain that I thought had some potential. It was just a simple square shallow pot with graduated glass slabs...what really got me was the fantastic price of just 4.00.
I took the guts out of the fountain and put them in a huge ironstone bowl from my ever growing collection of ironstone, and placed that on a large ironstone platter...and I got this:
Though I am not in love with the black cord trailing from the bowl (I guess I could have painted it white?), still not too shabby for four bucks...and I didn't even expect the light to work! So many variations for this. If you see a cheap fountain that may not be aesthetically pleasing, you can paint the outside of it, or even the inside if you use that spray paint used especially for plastic. Or you could just take out the pump and you can make a fountain out of a pile of those clear stones you can get by the bag full at Walmart or Michael's. Just pile them up around the pump in a container and add water...and maybe even some floating candles? You could use cups and saucers glued together with marine glue (glue for boats) or clear caulk. The hardware store always has clear hose available by the foot so you can go as high as you'd like. You could use a stack of terracotta pots and thread the hose through the holes in the bottoms to the top of the stack....or use the good 'ole standby; rocks. You can get pretty, smooth stones at any craft store....or how about tumbled glass? Or slate? Oh my, the possibilities!