Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Assemblage Necklace Display Project Idea (easy and fun!)

I thought I'd share a little project with you today. It is a necklace holder/display created with vintage glass knobs and a hunk of antique door frame. I really love it...
It is a very simple project!

1 Hunk of old wood
Several vintage glass knobs
Wood screws that fit the size of the knob and long enough to screw at least 1/2" into the wood
Picture hanging hardware (or two screws and some wire) 

Decide how you want your necklaces to hang on the hunk of old wood. Screw the knobs on, taking care not to screw down the screws too tight and crack the glass. Nail on the hanging hardware. Hang on wall. Display your favorite necklaces.
This project could have hundreds of creative variations!

Assemblage Necklace Display

Necklaces from some of my favorite Etsians