Friday, July 16, 2010

For Free Friday today...Antique Postcards from Varese, Italy (and a tiny...confession)

Such architecture and finery...
I found these as I was cleaning my little studio yesterday...there is a whole set, joined together by twill and they fold over one another, but I won't bore you with the whole set...have I told you of my secret? Well, I imagine if I am telling you, it won't be a secret any longer, but here it is:
I have a "thing" for old paper.
I have an extensive collection of antiquated and vintage paper things. Not just the usual postcards and photographs, but hunks and bits and pieces of old stained cardboard from the backs of picture frames, book covers, stamps, catalogs, life magazines, stacks and stacks of old books, sheet music, old letters, vintage typed documents, ledgers, journals, newspapers, doilies, antique negatives...even vintage pastry crust liner and shelf paper and bits and rolls of very old wallpaper.....until now, only close friends and my children knew of my secret. It feels good to share it here. I have enough old paper for years and years of "Free Friday" downloadable stuff....won't you stay awhile?

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