Friday, July 02, 2010

Beautiful Victorian Calling Cards for Free Friday

I think whoever Eunice and Gardner Barber were, they had very good taste...and I adore any kind of vintage or antique bird image. The calligraphy is printed, which means that someone had to carve an intricate block for each letter in the name so that it could be printed....imagine the work that went in to making calling cards so long ago. And how about the name Gardner? Seems like such an unusual name.
I am so happy to share my fondness (obsession?) for all things paper, here with you.

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  1. How cool! Were these actual calling cards they handed out back then? I'm intrigued!

    My grandmother recently cleaned out her garage + gave me this giant album filled with old cards! I was going to scan some to share. I think you'd enjoy!

    Hugs + Love,


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