Saturday, July 17, 2010

Studio Views

...well, it really is more of a laundry room turned place to house my burgeoning collection of old things. I can't sit in there yet, but I am working on that part. Other things are still stashed all over the house and then there is a corner of my own where I can sit and create jewelry, my true passion, late into the night. I am truly a fortunate girl. In one of my all time favorite books, Simple Abundance, I remember Sarah talks often of how order in your environment creates a sense of peace. I agree. I feel so  much more at ease now that my collections are where I can easily see them and enjoy the possibilities for future compilations. Assemblages are second to jewelry making these days, but I feel their pull each day...the objects call to me to wed them, one to the other to the other. Rusty old skates and bed springs, big Ben clocks that beg for paper wings, radio tubes, old frames, hairpins and as I discussed in my prior post, massive amounts of all types of vintage and antique papers all clamoring for my affections and the squeeze of my hands. Soon my pretties......soon.

         ( a favorite drawer)


  1. I seldom smile out loud (would that be SOL) when I am reading, but there is a rhythm in your writing that makes me smile; the same rhythm appears again in your photographs/arrangements. I don't think that it is quite alliteration, which I love, but it is somewhat akin to a visual writing sound that I hear in Paul Simon songs. Anyway, I never expected five posts in a week (you are spoiling us), but I am happy to receive them, and happy for your abundance.

  2. Yes! Thanks for posting more often! I want to read the book you are referring to...perhaps if I organize my little space in this world a little better, I, too, will have more peace...and thanks for giving us a glimpse into where you create such beauty.

  3. I want to come play! Is that an old clothespin bag I spy? My grandma used to use one of those!

    Your collection looks fabulous + ready to be all Sacrified (is that a word?) Oh paper wings how I love thee! I can't wait to see what you manifest. I'm hankering to make some now. Your special wings helped heal my soul. They mark a very special + empowering moment in my journey. I feel truly truly blessed.

    Me <3


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