Friday, July 09, 2010

In Memory of Bees, a vintage assemblage necklace

It was the summer of '04 I remember. We were on one of our grand adventures when we found them...row after row of beat up bee hives...down a winding dirt road we found by happenstance, wasn't it? I got so close I could hear the deep buzzing and I could see the comings and the goings of the bees. They were all around me.

You shouldn't get so close, you said.
And I said, I want to get closer...I want to just crawl inside the big white box with them and touch their soft bellies and the feel tiny wing-beat breeze on my skin.
I said I'd never been stung in all the years I'd known them.
And you said, but you are making me nervous. You need to come back to the car now.
And the bees must have felt it because at that moment I got stung right on the left nostril.

I was so worried for you; you said. I thought you were so foolish getting so close to those bees. They could have killed you, you know.
And I said, sometimes you have to take a chance like that to be a part of something so beautiful. And now I have the memory of all those glorious bees, I said....all of those bees.
 ( This necklace is for sale in my Etsy shop here.)