Monday, July 05, 2010

Morning Light Views, (and being published again)

I like morning light so soothes my spirit. And the abundance of Queen Anne's lace I have waited for months for has finally returned and I'm so grateful for its lacy presence all around (and now, in)our home.This year, my son Christian planted vast quantities of Cilantro, and I am amazed at how lacy and lovely it is when it blossoms. It mixes delicately and perfectly with the other lowers.( The mirror piece above is something I created from shabby antique plates and an old mirror.)
                                                         (morning view in the kitchen)

                                           (morning view in one of the bedroom windows)

Well, today we traveled to Barnes and Noble to purchase  the latest issue of Somerset Life. It is a pretty huge accomplishment and blessing (thank you so much for the opportunity Christen!) for me to be published again after so long...and in such an incredible Magazine!